Digitalization, 3D printing, laser nano-structure, green manufacturing … Manufacturing and robotics revolution is on its way and represents one of the megatrends, affecting all steps in producing, manufacturing, supply chain and design.

Robotics also saw its transformation with the fantastic progress of artificial intelligence and the countless applications that are emerging.

The turning point is important and the stakes are high in terms of competitiveness.

Let your R&D participate and use the best skills and infrastructure and secure your place at the forefront of this megatrend!


4-wheel robot to conduct dangerous operations

The heavyweight version of this unique robot will be equipped with a robotic arm to dismantle nuclear plants, for example.

New Two-Micron Laser without an isolator

Scientists created a 2-µm fiber laser without isolator that might move the boundaries of surgery and molecule detection.

Crawling and jumping robogamis

Two centimetres tall, 4 grams heavy, T-shaped with three legs; this jumping and crawling robot creates new perspectives in the field of robotics.

An ultra-fast robotic arm

Able to respond on the spot, this robot grabs objects and performs complex movements in a split second.

Breath test detecting head and neck cancer

Portable device detects the presence of certain types of cancer in people’s breath. Innovative tool for the early diagnosis of tumors.

IsoSpring the future of mechanical watches

The elimination of  the crucial mechanisms of traditional watches: An oscillator that turns continuously in one direction.



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