The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) is considered one of the most prestigious universities in the world for engineering and sciences, ranking 17th overall and 10th in engineering in the 2015 QS World University Rankings, 34th overall and 12th in engineering in the 2015 Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Diverse research and innovation areas reflect the diversity of the application of computers and communication systems.

Exchange between the academic research and the international companies on the campus is strong. It has lead to innovative products which have improved our daily life, and have created new markets.

Make your company one of the winners by placing a part of your R&D within the Innovation-melting-pod of the Swiss Innovation Park West EPFL.


Clinical Bioinformatics for personalized medicine

To coordinate bioinformatics analysis pipelines for data across hospitals in Switzerland, helping health professionals to make use of this clinically-useful knowledge.

Observing living cells in 3D

3D Cell Explorer, a new type of microscope, will allow researchers to peer inside living cells without damaging them.

Amplifying molecular vibrations with light

Researchers have determined the exact conditions needed for a light-induced force to drive a molecule’s vibrations to large amplitudes.

50,000 images of infected and healthy crop

Scientists create a database of infected plants for a smartphone app allowing farmers to get instant diagnosis and treatment advice.

Locating short circuits with time reversal

A faster and more efficient method to locate short circuits in power grids based on the theory of electromagnetic time reversal (EMTR).

Automatic captioning of photos

Researchers have developed a simpler and better working technology for captioning pictures automatically.

3D printed miniature microfluidic device

Scientists unveiled a unique 3D printed medical device which is able to monitor critical blood levels in real time.

Driverless shuttles for Sion

EPFL and BestMile launch a project for a fleet-management system with ‘smart’ vehicles circulating in the town center of Sion.

Crawling and jumping robogamis

Two centimetres tall, 4 grams heavy, T-shaped with three legs; this jumping and crawling robot creates new perspectives in the field of robotics.

Self-learning and easy-to-use prostheses

Brain-machine interfaces to teach neuroprosthetics the proper movements based on „ERP – error-related potential“.

Artificial insect eye for drones

Inspired by the eyes of fruit flies, a new artificial eye allows robots to detect and avoid obstacles. From E-textiles to cars, the applications are numerous.


High-resolution mapping to understand plants

Evaluating climate and topography parameters with high-resolution digital elevation models to study organisms in their local environment.

Algorithm to identify the origin

Tracing the path of information with mathematics to find sources of crime, terrorism, diseases, epidemics and rumours.

Texting for the Illiterate

An application that allows people incapable of reading and writing to use text messages.

Allergy-detecting device

Quick and painless allergy detection, only 20 minutes to diagnose primary allergies, using a single drop of blood.

Cleaning up Earth’s orbit

Satellite technology to clean up space debris.

Inviolable encryption

Deemed inviolable encryption cracked in two hours at the EPFL.

An ultra-fast robotic arm

Able to respond on the spot, this robot grabs objects and performs complex movements in a split second.

Anger and fatigue at the wheel

A device to detect the emotions and state of fatigue of a driver to minimize the risks of accidents.

Pocket-size medical lab

Miniature laboratory for medical tests in the size of a Swiss army knife.


Human Brain Project

Understanding and mimic the way the brain works, to revolutionize information technology, medicine and society.

Breath test detecting head and neck cancer

Portable device detects the presence of certain types of cancer in people’s breath. Innovative tool for the early diagnosis of tumors.

Logitech mouse for super-quick motions

Logitech computer mouse with nearly-unlimited tracking speed. Unique combination of optical sensor and accelerometers and gyroscopes.

Robot piloted by thoughts

Telepresence system developed at the EPFL and successfully tested by quadriplegics to remotely control a robot.

A cyber skin that feels

An artificial electronic skin connected to the nervous system. Stretchable electronics as prosthetic skin for burn victims.


EPFL Innovation Park LAUSANNE

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