Global energy consumption is rapidly growing and petroleum resources are declining. A fundamental shift in energy consumption is creating new market opportunities!

The need for renewable energy is demanding new solutions, distributed energy resources and microgrids technologies will grow significantly in coming years.

Switzerland has a long history of innovation in energy and is today regarded as a global center of energy innovation.

Make sure your R&D is able to deliver disruptive innovation by placing your team within the Swiss Innovation Park West EPFL.


Locating short circuits with time reversal

A faster and more efficient method to locate short circuits in power grids based on the theory of electromagnetic time reversal (EMTR).

From farm residues to biofuels and more

Residues from Brazilian palm oil production turned into furfural and lignin. A much-used industrial compound and a solid fuel.

Biofuel at low cost from lichens

Biofuels from lichens harvesting microalgea can reduce both cost and the enery input, eliminating the remaining bottleneck.

Cheaper solar-energy storage

Cost-effective device with new method for converting and storing solar energy into hydrogen.

Hydrogen from water and sunlight

Low cost electrodes with high percentage energy yield. Cheap hydrogen fuel from the sun, without rare metals.

Solar LED-lamp for everybody

LEDSafari: A low-cost-easy-to-make solar lamp for developing countries.


Fuel from microalgae

Direct transformation of wet algal biomass into a biogas, which is compatible with today’s natural gas infrastructure.

‘Fueling station’ delivers power or hydrogen

A glimpse into the fueling stations of the future. Pilot hydrogen storage and production facility developed and tested by the EPFL.

Solar Impulse

First aircraft only powered by photovoltaic cellls to circumnavigate the globe.


Energypolis SION

Rue de l'Industrie 17, 1950 Sion Switzerland

Best place for companies looking for energy related technologies of the future. Energypolis is where our energy production and consumption of tomorrow is created, innovated and tested.

EPFL Innovation Park LAUSANNE

EPFL Innovation Park, Route Cantonale, 1015 Lausanne Switzerland

Home town of the EPFL and best place for companies looking for disruptive innovation. Home of the R&D of important companies.


Maladière 71, 2000 Neuchâtel Switzerland

The biggest microtechnology competence center in Europe is at the service of your development: 600 researchers, 12 laboratories and infrastructure at the forefront of technology.

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