Human beings have a natural desire to learn more, to figure out things we don’t understand, and to explore the unknown. Pushing the boundaries of our scientific and technical limits creates new technologies and products.

Development of new essential technologies, exploration of extreme environment, research of space and development of space applications and the production of efficient and innovative materials are highly essential to face our global challenges, now and in the future.

Are your products confronted with extreme environments then it’s time to place an R&D cell at the Swiss Innovation Park West.


4-wheel robot to conduct dangerous operations

The heavyweight version of this unique robot will be equipped with a robotic arm to dismantle nuclear plants, for example.

Amplifying molecular vibrations with light

Researchers have determined the exact conditions needed for a light-induced force to drive a molecule’s vibrations to large amplitudes.

CRPP becomes the Swiss Plasma Center

10 million francs are allocated to upgrade and carry out new experiments on The Variable Configuration Tokamak, aiming to master nuclear fusion.

Invisible smart coat for solar panels

A new smart material that enables the efficient absorption of solar energy while reducing the impact of overheating.

Cleaning up Earth’s orbit

Satellite technology to clean up space debris.


EPFL collaboration with the Alinghi sailing syndicate. The first European team to win the Auld Mug.


Not floating anymore but flying, the ultimate dream that comes true with Hydroptere. The EPFL-Hydros collaboration.

Solar Impulse

First aircraft only powered by photovoltaic cellls to circumnavigate the globe.


EPFL Innovation Park LAUSANNE

EPFL Innovation Park, Route Cantonale, 1015 Lausanne Switzerland

Home town of the EPFL and best place for companies looking for disruptive innovation. Home of the R&D of important companies.

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