Built on a ancient brewery site in the center of Fribourg, the heart of Europe, Bluefactory took up the challenge to create a «zero carbon» quarter, a zone with a positive carbon balance.

A startup incubator and The Smart Living Lab, focused on futuristic housing projects, a joint research project between the EPFL, the school of engineering and architecture and the University of Fribourg, attract many highly innovative technology businesses.


Invisible smart coat for solar panels

A new smart material that enables the efficient absorption of solar energy while reducing the impact of overheating.

On site

Smart Building

Sustainable architecture

Ensuring that our architectural decisions of today do not inhibit the opportunities of future generations. Therefore energy efficiency over the entire life cycle of a building is the most important goal of sustainable architecture.

Smart living

Improving the quality of life by transforming home, workplace, transportation and energy infrastructures into “smart” environments and therefore creating innovative living environments that enhance well-being.

Professors and experts

Marilyne Andersen

Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Performance-Integrated Design

Sustainable Architecture
Daylighting Strategies
Human Comfort and Health in Buildings
Climate-Responsive Envelopes

Denis Lalanne

Document, Image and Voice Analysis

Multimodal Interface
User Centered Design
Multimedia Technologies

Juergen Sauer

Cognitive Ergonomics and Work Psychology

Automation and complex work environments
Evaluation of interactive consumer products



The largest University of Applied Science in Switzerland comprises 28 schools of higher education with 19’400 students and six faculties for Design and Fine Arts, Business Management and Services, Engineering and Architecture, Music and Performing Arts, Health and Social Work.

Université de Fribourg

Founded in 1889, with roots in the 16th century, the University of Fribourg is a bilingual university, offering a full academic curriculum both in French and German to 10’000 students. 200 Professors for the faculties Theology, Law, Economic and Social Science, Arts, Mathematics and Natural Science.